Akron: former bowling capital of the US!

Well, ladies and gents, as promised, this evening finds the Kellys hanging out in Akron, Ohio, also known as Kelly C’s old stomping grounds. We arrived here this evening, after a brief stop to visit some family in Niles, OH (where I learned what a “redneck flashlight” is—I swear I will eventually add photos to this travelogue), and received a warm welcome from KC’s friends from her raver days. We are staying the night with them in the house that the four of them share. After a super-tasty Thai meal and a brief stop at Strickland’s, a local frozen custard chain which has remained basically unchanged since it was established in 1936 (and KC’s achilles), we returned to the house for several rousing rounds of Wii sports.  This was KC’s first experience with the Wii…and probably the fastest I’ve ever seen a graphic designer create a Mii. She seemed to enjoy the bowling, which seemed an appropriate choice given Akron’s status as the former bowling capital of America.  We cooled off from the Wii competition with a relaxing hangout session on the back deck, where KC and I continued to appreciate the far more reasonable (and downright pleasant) temperatures.

Human hosts: Brad, Jayson, Paul and Maryellen. Kitteh hosts: Irving (a girlcat!), Kitty, and Champy.


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