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12.10.07: Final Review

Thanks for coming! We look forward to your comments and feedback.


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12.04.07 Option Shift Control Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who traveled from near and far to attend our event. We were impressed with your comments, flexibility, thoughts, and willingness to work together. We were so pleased that our graduate peers from MICA, Cranbrook, CalArts, Bowling Green and Art Center were able to join us, and hope you’ll be inspired to start your own symposium (if you create one, we’ll attend!).

Check out my OSC photoset on my flickr profile. I took many of these photos, but certainly not all of them. Thanks to everyone who took the cameras around during the course of our two-day design discussion (Michèle, Sidney, Steve, etc).

Additional OSC Photosets:

Lincoln Hancock

Sean Durham

Tony Venne

If you have OSC photos or have seen some online, please let me know and I’ll post links to them here.

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option shift control spectrum

option shift control spectrum, originally uploaded by Sean Durham.

Courtesy of Sean Durham’s flickr photostream. (Thanks for your photoshopping and your enthusiasm for our symposium, Sean!)

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Munny talks: My point on the continuum

munny talks, originally uploaded by Sean Durham.

Thanks for taking this shot during my presentation, Sean!

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Lots of thinking

Lots of thinking, originally uploaded by k3llissima.

There were so many insightful comments, dynamic conversations, and interesting ideas.

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Valentina and Alberto

Valentina and Alberto, originally uploaded by k3llissima.

Valentina is concentrating on Eileen’s Q&A session; Alberto is in perpetual motion. 🙂

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With our wayfinding

With our wayfinding, originally uploaded by k3llissima.

We were looking super-official. Marty and Rebecca were our appointed registration ladies. They did a great job.

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