Option Shift Control

The Master of Graphic Design Candidates
at the College of Design, North Carolina State University,
request your participation in our third bi-annual graduate symposium


Option Shift Control
Collaboration and Co-creation by Design

November 30 and December 1, 2007
Friday afternoon, all day Saturday
Space is limited, so send your RSVP email by Friday, November 16 to secure your spot!
Contact Communications Coordinator Rebecca Tegtmeyer, optionshiftcontrol_reply@ncsugraphicdesign.net

Today all types of designers face an audience empowered by technologies; people who create and customize their own products and communications. Audiences (readers, users) now envision products, such as the Nokia 888 concept phone (imagined through Nokia’s Concept Lounge, a co-creation hub). They change the visual landscape of Facebook through user-made applications. Manifestos, novels and how-to books are published and sold via companies such as Lulu.com.

Option Shift Control will examine co-creation from designer perspectives, looking closely at collaborative processes and outcomes as we all learn to work with (or tolerate) each other. Join us to debate and discover the pros and cons of collaboration and co-creation as well as the range: working with designers of other disciplines, experts in other fields, and/or audiences eager to create. Investigate and and respond to the topic of collaboration and co-creation through presentations, activities, artifacts, and discussions.

Here’s some food for thought:
Have you been contemplating the intersection between co-creation and designer control in graphic design?

Does the idea of client autonomy in design projects make you feel surly?

Do you feel the urge to protect the underlying structure and strategy of your masterfully designed systems?

As designers, are we willing to share? Do we even have a choice?

What if relinquishing some control means that more cooks in the kitchen will produce a masterfully seasoned soup?


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