11.12.07 Thoughts on Community Identity

notes…with Kelly C.

What if identity was a collaborative process?
What if brand was a collaborative experience?

How would it look and function? To what extent are our identities currently products of collaboration?

brand in a business environment
brand in a social environment
brand that connects a subculture & identifies members
– to each other
– to the outside world

brand that evolves as the user base changes
brand that evolves as it is used

collective activity
everyone donates a part
part becomes a mutable whole

what we project vs what other people project on us
literally use a projector to display images on the body?








prototype on changeable community identity

we come up with a “sum of parts” community prototype model

a matrix

a system

a structure


human scatterplot shows where people fall on the continuum

use results to split people into sections

3 groups: designer control, middle, user control


designer control = designer looks to clues from audience, designer puts systems into place, requires more innovation on designer’s behalf


user = system variables are very loose, requires more innovation from user (learning curve)


develop rapid prototypes for a community identity system that changes with the community


take away idea: what if the identity for a community could reflect its users as they change and emerge?

could this be something for the phone? get away from computer as
access pt to internet, look @ txt messaging? pic messages?

design interface identity for phone for community?

use “make tools” idea from liz sanders? (use buttons, blocks, jellybeans, etc) to keep it simple

use the big projection overhead to show the results? (rather than computer and projector)

video presentations?

have cranbrook kids doing exercise too with a care package we mail to them to collaborate online?
(have them on video chat on camera)

What is significant about the fact that we are doing this with Cranbrook?
What do we think about them?
How can we use this as an opportunity to learn how they think?
If they can come, how does this change the way we work? Live vs. working remotely?

Can this attach to a social issue, get away from personal baggage?


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