11.08.07: Futurecasting, round 2

“Direct democracy” took a turn for the teen, as I decided to think about how this device (and new social construct) might apply to an age group under the legal voting age. I considered how high school-aged teens might access information about politics and current events on a local, national and global scale through interesting current events* and their school subjects.

That said, this round of investigations largely explored the physical form, in addition to toying with interface ideas. After some initial sketch models, I decided to explore the idea of a coiled touch screen that would change form throughout the day depending on the number of visitors and their contributions to the site during the day (issues, articles, comments, images, etc).

Users initiate their interactions with the wall by placing their palm on the surface. They can then mark items of interest, write or speak comments, even vote on certain topics. When an item is selected, the number of users who have ‘marked’ or commented on it is reflected in the number of palm prints that appear around it.

* Thanks to those who helped brainstorm headlines of THE FUTURE!

Comments from crit:

DGC: Referenced touch screen shown at DUX which encouraged participation, generated conversation
(What is the name of it?)

MWKF: Why does the screen need to grow? DGC: Intersection of virtual/real; time-based, virtual motion meeting physical motion. Value in that expansion/expression

DGC: How does the information get there?

AH: How do the images get there, what do they mean?

KC: If it is a town hall, how can technology support face-to-face communication?

DGC: How about anonymity in a public space?’Big brotherish’ quality. Also, future fashions—?

KC: How do hand prints get to top?

GR: They float up there!











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