10.02.07: Round 3

In this last round of investigations before our final critique, I returned to my original data sets (wine consumption by state and percentage of obese population by state). I continued to work with the typography, looking at different methods of organization, hierarchy, and explanation. I also returned to the idea of using symbols (having moved away from the more literal shapes of the states toward the abstraction of typography). The last set of symbols will become the basis for my final installment of this project.
Type hierarchy 1

Type hierarchy 2

Type hierarchy 3

Squares for obesity

Circles for wine consumption

Obesity (with wine consumption comparison)

Wine consumption (with obesity comparison)

Side-by-side comparisons

We talked about relating these symbols back to their original associations with states on the US map, and showing the development of the distributions (and comparisons) over time. This would make the visualizations more dynamic and potentially reveal more information/spark additional curiosity by seeing them in motion.


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